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Audioboo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…Social Networking Tools Continue to Pop.

July 2nd, 2009 No comments

audioboologo2A bit off topic here, but as I was roaming the vast halls of the internet today I ran across a new social networking type of tool called Audioboo.  It works much the same as others, providing a technology to share, interact, and connect with friends and collegues over the internet, but is much different in the way that instead of simply capturing text, it captures audio.  You sign up for the service (free, which is in keeping with the rest of the category), then you can download the application onto an iPhone and you are all set.  [For those of you without an iPhone, they also allow uploading of audio on their sister site PhoneBoo, which costs nothing, other than what your provider charges you for the call.]

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From your iPhone or any other phone, you simply record anything that you would like to share, up to 3 minutes in length.  Then once you are done, you upload the audio, and voila! everyone that you are connected to is able to listen to your audio share.  If you are doing this from your iPhone, it also encodes location data, showing where (on a map) that you recorded the sound byte.  Optionally, you can also snap a picture to show along with your audio.

At this point, I am not certain if I will find enough value in this tool to use beyond the initial ‘wow this is cool’ phase, but nonetheless I find the tool innovative.

Which brings me to another topic that seems to continue to be all the rage, Twitter.  Now, there is nothing that I could write that would add any new insight into this seemingly unstoppable technology, in fact I am almost embarrassed to say that I have not been able to see enough value in Twitter to use it consistently. In fact, a colleague of mine and I just a conversation a day or so ago to discuss possible business applications of the service.  I know that businesses out there must be using Twitter in some of their marketing, sales, or simply communication efforts, but I have not really seen any that appear to be more than just gimmicks.

But I am coming around to Twitter, it has just been slow.  A couple of factors have began to change my mind concerning whether I should be using Twitter more consistently.  First, while looking over the analytics of the traffic making its way to this blog, I am seeing more and more traffic being driven by Twitterers (or is it Tweeters?)  If I am going to grow a readership that utilizes Twitter, I suppose I should jump into the fray.  The second factor, one that seriously surprised me, was the results of a survey conducted by LinkedIn that found more businesses identifying Twitter, more than any other competing technology, as the service to master in order to be successful in today’s business climate.  A great write-up on the survey was completed by ReadWriteWeb and is worth a read if you have a few minutes.

I am soliciting feedback from you…share how you are utilizing Twitter, your experiences with the technology, and if you believe it to be more than a gimmick in its offering.  As I develop my own ideas, I will share them here.

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