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Southern Fried Agile Recap…

July 28th, 2010 No comments

Southern Fried Agile was a GREAT success.  We had a great turn-out for a first annual event and the caliber of speakers was topnotch.  All of the presentations made during the conference are available for download on (click link to visit).

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My presentation can also be found there, titled “All You Need To Know Is That It’s Possible.”  My presentation addresses many of the excuses I have heard teams make over the years as to why Agile could not work for them.  Over time I came to find that most of these teams simply used this type of excuse to relieve themselves of the responsibility of having to try to make Agile work, a responsibility they would certain shoulder, but only if they allowed themselves to believe that the Agile approach might be able to offer the enormous gains that are touted.  These same teams spend great deals of energy in convincing themselves to believe that it is simply not possible for Agile (or seemingly any better approach) to work with their unique, product, team, culture, organization, etc.  They would tell me that they are just too different.  This presentation seeks to make the case that it is often the limiting beliefs held by people that keep them from being able to succeed with Agile.

Hopefully I will see some of you at Agile2010 in Orlando in a couple of weeks, I will be tweeting non-stop for those of you that cannot make it.  Follow me at @AgileAdvisor.

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The Southern Fried Agile Conference is Coming!

July 2nd, 2010 No comments

The Agile Carolinas Leadership Team is putting together a local conference to present and discuss all things Agile.  Because I now live in Charlotte, you know that I will be there.  Not only I will be attending, but I will also be presenting a discussion in the “Learning Agile” track of presentations.  I know that most of you that may stumble upon this blog don’t live in the area, but in case that you do, please register and plan on being there, it is going to immensely valuable for the attendees.

Here are some of the details:

Website (and Registration):

When: Friday, July 23, 2010. 8:30a – 4:30p

Where: The Crowne Plaza Charlotte Hotel. 201 S. McDowell Street, Charlotte, NC 280204

How Much: $49 (super cheap!!)

Twitter Hashtag: #sfa2010

Want more information: Go to the website for a list of sponsors, speakers, and the sessions currently scheduled.

See you there!!

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After Many Months in a Coma, My Blog Finally Awoke!

March 12th, 2010 2 comments

As I write these words, the first words written on this blog in a very long time, I cannot help but be keenly aware that there is likely no one left to read them.  But I will write them anyways, because they need to written.  It has been a long time since I last posted, and many hours have been spent between the time of that last post and now wondering why I left this blog abandoned.  It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy the writing, it wasn’t because I thought I wasn’t doing a good job, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t getting any traffic.  The only reason I can seem to point to is that I was overly focused on only delivering a post that was perfectly polished, which often meant that each post took a fair amount of time researching and writing.  In other words, I had set the precedent for myself that in order for a post to make it on the blog, it meant committing to a fair amount of work.  This became the barrier that I failed to overcome, especially after a one week lapse turned into two.  Then that two week lapse turned into a month.  And so on.

So why am I returning?  Because I love writing this blog.  Even though it didn’t have a long life, I enjoyed doing it, enjoyed the feedback, and enjoyed the challenge.  But why am I returning now, rather than months ago?  Because of something I heard this past week at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando…Agile teams ship.  The simple way of stating that we cannot polish or procrastinate forever, we must ship, sometimes earlier than we would like, but we must ship.  So I must return, get over my self-inflicted precedent of only posting perfected posts, and get on with the business of sharing my thoughts and observations gathered from working with companies across the country and now across the globe (I was honored with the opportunity to teach several classes in Switzerland last week.)

And lastly, to anyone that may be reading these words, thank you for returning.  I promise to keep my blog out of any other comas in the future.


P.S.  Sad but true fact, as I was attempting to log in to write this post, it had been so long since I accessed the admin portion of my blog that I forgot my username and password.  I forgot how to login to my own blog!

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The Launch of the “Agile Observations from the Trenches” Blog.

May 27th, 2009 1 comment

Well, looks like I am finally joining the fray of agile community individuals that are posting their experiences, observations, and beliefs about all things agile. After telling most professional acquaintances at one point or another that I would start to blog about my agile life, I was eventually told to put up or shut up…so here it is.

I can’t say that it will be like most of the agile fare currently available on the internet. My plan is to share my unique perspectives on how agile is best implemented. Information that has been gathered during my engagements as a scrum master and the many agile classes that I have facilitated. And I can say with all honesty, I have learned more from training others on agile than in any other professional endeavor. Some of these experiences are true gems that I have wanted to share for awhile, so now I finally have the forum and opportunity. Now I get to see if what I have floating around in my head is actually worth anyone’s time to read.

So, this, my very first post, is nothing more than to announce my intentions to add to the knowledgebase of agile, a compendium of information that is continually growing, and more importantly, evolving.  That is, if agile and the agile community truly wishes to practice what we preach, we are going to have to eat our own dog food and recognize those areas of opportunity.  What better place to share these experiences than on the internet, the great equalizer.

I look forward to getting to know those of you who find some value in what I have to share.   And finally, if you are reading these words, then let me offer a sincere word of gratitude that you have taken a moment of your time to read these words.

Until next time,

Bill Gaiennie